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Pool maintenance is more than just "adding and balancing chemicals". Although it is an important component in maintaining a pool, it is only part of keeping a pool safe for swimming and aesthetically pleasing. Without consistent monitoring, chemical balance can rapidly change due to temperature, contamination, or usage, creating a water condition that is unhealthy to swimmers and damaging to the pool's surface and equipment.

Today's pool equipment is capable of effective circulation and filtration with the assistance of a pool sweep but also requires regular service to maintain efficiency. Maintaining the equipment also assures that it operates economically.

The pool itself requires regular attention. Brushing the walls will dislodge algae spores and dirt. Brushing the tile will minimize the calcium buildup that creates a waterline and scale.

If a homeowner is unable to allocate the time needed to maintain a pool on a regular basis (weekly) then the services of a pool professional is worth considering.

We provide services to the Danville, Alamo, Blackhawk and Diablo areas.

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